Pure Water Club 10” Whole House 3 Stage Filtration System Review

  • Low cost
  • 3 stage filtration
  • Uses standard 10" filters
  • Easy to install

Product Overview

This 3 stage whole house water filter is cost effective. If you’re on a tight budget, look no further. Although all parts of this system are plastic, they’re all standard sized so it makes it easy to upgrade and replace parts. 1/2″ ball valve and connectors are included as well as a metal mounting bracket. Installation is straight forward if you’re capable of DIY projects otherwise, easy and quick for an experienced plumber. The filters included are a sediment filter to get rid of larger sized particles and two carbon filters that aim at filtering out chemicals and chlorine that result in odor free, clean tasting water. It uses a standard sized 10-inch filter that you can pick up at any local hardware store and can piece together any combination of filters to work with your local water supply.

Measurements: 22.8″ x 5.1″ x 13.4″ / 58 cm x 13 cm x 34 cm

Feature Highlights

  • Low cost – view current price now
  • White housing protects against algae growth
  • The Pure Water Club system uses standard-sized 10-inch filters! it’s easy and affordable to upgrade and replace the filters
  • Uses standard sized components that are easy to upgrade and replace
  • Easy to install

Pure Water Club Review

If saving money is a high priority on your list of requirements, the consider the Pure Water Club filter.

It comes ready to install and use right out of the package. Three filters were included for the 3 stage filter;

  • The first stage is a 5-micron sediment filter, and is great for those trying to filter sand or rust out of their water sources. As with the others, it’s easily replaced or upgraded according to the needs or wants of the user.
  • The second stage is a carbon-block filter, which can extract things like harmful chemicals and chlorine from your water. This is important if you’re concerned about inhaling chlorinated or chemical-filled vapors while showering or doing dishes.
  • The third stage is also a carbon-block filter, and as with many of the other systems this second stage treats the water a second time to ensure proper and full removal of any harmful chemicals. It is these carbon filtrations that make your water a bit healthier for your skin and hair.

As you might expect with a cheap price tag, the hardware on this system isn’t on the level of more expensive systems. You need to be extra vigilant in greasing the seals and assembling the connections to ensure you won’t encounter leaks. It may be in your best interest to replace some of the parts with metal ones but at that point of added cost, it may be best to consider spending the extra money up front on a more reputable system like the APEX, iSpring or Home Master.

But, if you are on a tight budget and need to filter the water running through your house, then give it a shot, there aren’t many other 3 stage filters on the market at this price.