APEX MR-3030 Whole House Water Filter System Review

  • ​3-stage
  • Suitable for home and commercial buildings
  • Removes sediment, chlorine, iron, heavy metal contaminants
  • Eliminates chlorine taste and bad odors
  • Ideal for city and/or well water
  • 5 micron, 1 micron, carbon filtrations

Product Overview

This APEX MR-3030 whole home water filtration system is a solid, reliable unit. It’s an excellent choice for home use, entire apartment and office buildings as well as restaurants and food service businesses. This 3 stage filter will clear out larger particles in the first stage, finer particles such as chlorine and other chemicals in the second, and the third stage filter polishes your water to get rid of smells and chlorine taste resulting in crisp, clean drinking water. Although not cheap, it ranks up there with the best whole house water filters.

Measurements: 30” x 24” x 12” ; 54 lbs /  76cm x 61cm x 30.5cm ; 24.5 kg

Feature Highlights

  • NSF approved
  • available in 1-inch NPT input/output sizes to maintain high pressure in your water system
  • The APEX filter lifespan is six months, which is double what a lot of systems offer. The size and quality of the reservoirs also allow for other filters to be used; this system could easily handle filters that last a year
  • Installation is very versatile – a wall mount bracket is included however, wall mounting is not required
  • Quick, easy to change filters
  • 3-stage system
    • Sediment pre-filter reduces larger particles such as silt, sediment and rust
    • Multi stage filter removes chlorine, chemicals, lead, mercury and other contaminants
    • Carbon block filter remove bad odors and chlorine taste

APEX MR-3030 Review

Unlike single stage systems such as the Aqua Pure AP903, this APEX MR-3030 Whole House Water Filter is a 3-stage system that starts the filter process by eliminating larger sediment particles, then to the removal of chemicals and chlorine with the second filtration, and finally removes smells and odors with the 3rd pass filtration.

This is an efficient and intelligent process that eliminates clogging issues and slow water flow that you experience with single stage filters like the 3M Aqua Pure AP903. This also reduces the frequency of filter changes and because it uses 3 stages in one unit, it saves you from having to buy multiple mismatched filter systems to solve the clogging problem.

It’s justifiably a little more expensive than most single stage filters since the APEX is 3 filters in one. Now, if you need to set up a 3 filter system and are considering individual filters, you’ll likely end up spending more on the initial set-up and depending on which filters you chose, costs can easily start adding up with replacement filters, not to mention the hassle of shopping for different brands’ replacements.

As an added reassurance, APEX Water Filters are manufacture in the USA, using BPA free materials and back themselves with a 100% satisfaction and quality guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, they will refund or replace the unit, no questions asked.

As mentioned by the manufacturer, this unit is suitable for any home and even commercial buildings such as apartments, office buildings, restaurants, just to name a few. When you consider this, the price doesn’t seem like anything to even bat an eyelash at and is very on par with competitors such as HomeMaster and iSpring!