3M Aqua Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filtration System Review

  • Eliminates chlorine taste and odor
  • Helps eliminate sediment, dirt, rust
  • High flow rate: 20 gallons/75 liters per minute
  • Easy, clean filter changes - no tools needed
  • 5 micron filtration
  • Ideal for well and/or city water

Product Overview

Overall, this is a great whole house water filter system because it has been designed with a variety of great benefits, and has received a lot of positive customer feedback. Some of the most notable features are that it filters at a 5 micron nominal so it will remove chlorine taste and odor, as well as reduce sediment, dirt and rust. The stainless steel head itself carries a limited 25 year warranty and is made of durable corrosion resist materials. Filters will last up to 1 year before needing to be replaced and replacement is very easy and clean – no tools required.

Measurements: 6″ x 6″ x 27″ ; 9.8 lbs /  15.25 cm x 15.25 cm x 68.6cm ; 4.5 kg

Feature Highlights

  • Filtration system has been designed with a non-corrosive stainless steel head. The stainless steel head allows the consumer to take advantage of “sweat in place” installation technology
  • With the inclusion of a carbon mediafilter, this filter will reduce the taste of chlorine in the water. It is also designed to eliminate the odor that you normally smell
  • Manufacturers have provided a filtration system that is made with materials that comply with FDA CFR-21 requirements and standards
  • With thehigh-flow rate of this system, you can benefit from appliances that provide 75.7 liters or 20 gallons of filtered water per minute
  • Cartridges comes with an easy to twist off function, which means that the replacement filter can be changed out with no tools and no contact with filter material

AP903 Review

The 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System – Model AP903 has a nice look to it and is constructed out of robust materials, most notably the stainless steel head which boasts a 25 year warranty. It is the anchor of the entire system and is irreplaceable. You don’t ever want it to break or corrode or else you’ll have a big mess on your hands. Knowing that 3M puts that much trust into this product is very reassuring that you’ll never have to worry.

It’s not likely that it would happen but If the filter part of the system happens to break, no big deal (and it carries a 1 year warranty), just get a new filter. As long as the head is in place, just screw the new filter on and you’re back in business in minutes!

The filter itself is impressively easy to install and remove so there’s no fuss when it’s time to replace. There are no tools required. The filter and housing are actually one piece. When it’s time for a filter change, you simply unscrew the blue part that looks like a bottle, dispose of it and screw on a new one. There’s no media cartridge that you have to fumble with your hands and try not to spill and drip dirty water everywhere.

Replacement filters aren’t cheap but they’re not overly expensive. After all, if you have to buy bottled water for your drinking water then it’s well worth it in the long run.  Plus, the quality of water that this filter puts out makes it well worth it. This whole house water filter is rated at a 5 micron nominal so it eliminates some of the finest particulate and rids any chlorine taste and smell.

There are some reviews that have complained about the filter getting clogged. This should not be a complaint – realize that it means it’s filtering out a lot of gunk – the AP903 water filter is doing its job and doing it very well! These “complaints” are coming from people who don’t understand that this is normal and expected for a 5 micron filter.

To avoid this, a professional would recommend to add a second filter (sometimes even a third whole house filter if your municipal water is very poor) in front of the 5 micron Aqua Pure. Look for a filter with a much higher micron rating and will only filter out sediments. This way, the big gunk is filtered out before it hits the finer filter. These filters aren’t a big investment; they tend to me much cheaper. This will prolong the life of all of your filter media and will keep your water flowing fast.

The AquaPure AP903 is one of the best whole house water filtration systems available – in quality, performance, and ease of installation and filter replacement.